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Cadet Absence Request Form

Fill in the information for each drill day you are not able to attend and submit.

Illness or urgent matters less than 24 hours prior to drill, please call (509) 936-1152.

Thanks! Message sent.


Completing coursework is a requirement to maintain an active status in the Sea Cadet Corps. Cadets are required to complete one course per year though we encourage more. Sea Cadets are required to complete their BMR course and League Cadets are required to complete up to PO2 in their syllabus to earn their uniforms. Here is a YouTube tutorial on how to complete coursework:  

Here are links to all the required courses Cadets must complete.

League Cadet (10 -13 yrs old) Courses
Sea Cadet (13 - 18 yrs old) Courses


The following is basic knowledge that all Cadets should know, especially prior to attending Recruit Training (R/T) or Navy League Orientation (NLO).


Here are some tips for your Cadet to prepare for drills and advanced trainings.


Uniform care is an integral part of being in the Sea Cadet Corps. All hands are reminded to wash and dry clean their uniforms regularly. Here are some links to help you maintain your professional appearance.

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