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NWUs are the most commonly worn uniform in the USNSCC and USNLCC. These uniforms are worn for most activities and can easily become soiled. The best way to wash these uniforms is to wash them as you would with other laundry articles. However, if the uniform is very dirty, we recomend washing them as soon as possible. As soon as they are done in the laundry cycle, immediatly hang them up on a hangar to prevent them from becoming a wrinkle bomb.


Dress blues and dress whites are DRY CLEAN ONLY!!!! Dress blues/whites are pressed inside out and seam to seam. The trouser creases follow the outter and inner surface of the leg. 

Important note: When you pick up your uniforms from the cleaners, inspect them right away. If there is a crease down the middle of the trousers, make sure the cleaner removes it.


Please, please, please do not attempt to clean these uniforms in your washer or dryer as they will more than likely be ruined. Uniforms that become unserviceable due to poor uniform care will be replaced at full retail value.

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