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Members of the League Cadet and Sea Cadet Corps' are allowed opportunities to train side by side with active duty, retired, and former military members who are subject matter experts in their professions.

The first training in a Sea Cadets career is a nine-day Recruit Training course or eight day Navy League Orientation for the League Cadets. These courses are an abbreviated boot camp where Cadets will learn the basics of our program. 

After successful completion of Recruit Training/Navy League Orientation, Cadets are able to attend specialized advanced trainings. These trainings range from cybersecurity, medical, aviation, culinary, special warfare, and much more!

Fort Spokane Battalion conducts two major fundraisers a year, which help to alleviate the costs of these trainings. How much we are able to provide depends on the success of the fundraisers and each Cadet's participation. However, it is important to note that the command does not pay for travel to and from the training locations.


Please note that your Cadet's safety is paramount in every evolution and all hands are encouraged to report any safety concerns during any Sea Cadet exercise.

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