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Taking care of your uniforms is important as we are all representatives of the Sea Cadet Corps and the United States Navy. When people see you in your uniform they see Navy, not Sea Cadets. Additionally, part of being in a program such as ours is that Cadets should have an extreme sense of pride when they are wearing their uniforms. Having a clean, sharp looking uniform with polished boots/dress shoes demonstrates your commitment to not just our program but to yourself. This page is dedicated to helping all of our Cadets look sharp and professional.

Important note: Do not cut any patches. The best way to make them fit is to fold them under at the ends. Also, please do not use fabric glue to attach patches to the uniform. All patches must be professionally sewn on. The best way to have patches sewn on is through a local seamstress.


Name tapes and Sea Cadet patches must be securely sewn on the Navy Working Uniform (NWU). Your Cadet will be issued two sets of NWUs with four name tapes. DO NOT CUT THE NAME TAPES TO FIT THE POCKET LENGTH. Fold the ends in until the name is centered over the pocket. Please reference the image and the following citation for directions on how to properly affix name tapes to your Cadet's uniform.

1. Surname. The embroidered name tape with surname sewn over right breast pocket on working uniforms and jackets and sewn over right rear pocket on all working trousers shall be approximately 1/2 inch blocked letters. 

2. USNSCC/USNLCC. Working uniforms are required to have “USNSCC” or “USNLCC” on a tape worn approximately 1/4 inch, centered side to side, sewn over the wearer’s left breast pocket. 

Reference: NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations, Chapter 3, page 3-3.

2022 insig.PNG

Cadets E-4 and above will wear their rank on the collar of their NWU type 1 uniform. On the Type III uniform insignia is worn on the chest tab. When applying the rank to the collar, DO NOT CUT THE PATCHES TO SIZE. Instead of cutting the patches, fold them down to fit the size of the collar. Cutting the patches will give an unprofessional appearance. Please reference the image for directions on how to properly affix collar insignias.

Important note: THE CROWS ALWAYS FACE IN!!!

Reference: NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations, Chapter 4, page 4-15.


Caps shall be appropriately identified with the NSCC/NLCC insignia (miniature flash, yellow on black field, with the eagle facing the wearer’s right). 

The wearing of rank/grade devices on the ball cap is not authorized. 

Reference: NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations, Chapter 4, page 4-27.


As Cadets advance through the ranks of the Sea Cadets they will earn rank patches that must be sewen on dress blues and dress whites. When a Cadet is promoted they will be given two patches, one for each dress uniform. These patches must be securely sewn on the uniforms according to the image. For Sea Cadets: shoulder patches are worn on both shoulders. Rank patches are worn on the right shoulder only. All patches must be centered on the crease of the sleeve. For League Cadets: shoulder patches are work on the left sleeve and rank on the right. All patches must be centered on the crease of the sleeve.

The top image is for the Sea Cadet dress whites and dress blues. The bottom image is for League Cadet dress blues and summer "salt and pepper" uniforms.

Reference: NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations, Chapter 4, page 4-15.

***Please do not hesitate to ask questions about patch placement. We want all of our Cadets to be able to display their acheivements while looking sharp and professional.

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